Enjoying Life, Experience Everything, Be a Total Prick and Move Forward Through Rough Roads Ahead

Most of us like to plan our lives and by that principle, we are able to know which direction to go. Yet there are those type of people who suck on planning things. It doesn’t totally mean that they don’t do the act of planning, it’s just the lack of commitment or discipline in doing the desired or listed things. Our life is one big blank canvas that is to be filled along the way. A painting is not finished in one stroke. It takes a lot of unmeasured whips of the brush and mostly those unprecedented strokes either eventually lead to a very good ending or something you least desired.

I actually grew up without the normal guidance a child can get from their parents. My mom and dad had to work in the CBD but that came with a price. My granny basically raised me since preschool to highschool. Although in between, my parents took me in on vacations and most especially in holidays. Well that’s how my childhood turned out to be. I had a lot of friends and managed to get a great primary and secondary education. then finally, I got to be with my parents when I entered college.

The setup I had in my previous years produced a very curious me. Yes, I am very curious about everything and that’s what I wish I didn’t become. It’s part of human instinct but mine took an extra high drive. It’s like I’ve gained experiences that I shouldn’t have an idea in any of my years. I felt like I cheated time.

I may not be able to get those years back but that made me realize how I was so not in control of my life back then. Dwelling on it won’t help and I do not want to stay stagnant. I can not change the past but I can look into my situation right now and figure out which of these I can influence. Late realizations may have us feeling sorry but without it, we will not be able to differentiate the good and mishaps we did in the past. “Every failure is just as good as every success we achieve. “


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